Stride Academy:
The Rx for Summer Slide Prevention

PROVEN to Improve Student Achievement with Three Sessions a Week

Teacher says, "Be sure to exercise your brain this summer, or you'll forget everything we've learned!" But all you want to do is play games… How about a cool blend of online skills practice, video games and competitions with your friends to pass the lazy summer days?

Welcome to the 2018 Summer Learning Challenge!

LTS Education Systems is excited to partner with the Alabama Department of Education to provide FREE, personalized and engaging math, reading, language arts and science learning activities to Alabama students all summer long!

Stride Academy is an online game-based adaptive learning platform for math, reading, language arts and science, accessible on tablets, PCs and Macs anytime, 24/7. Stride Academy delivers awesome video games as a reward for completing academic tasks, so students are motivated to practice skills throughout the summer and better prepare themselves for a new school year in the fall!

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I definitely want the kids to use Stride this summer. It’s a great resource that doesn't cause back-talk when I tell them to start it! My 7 year old said she learned extra math skills from Stride. My 11 year old said he and his friends are 'kind of addicted to Stride' because of the coins they earn when they get answers right. They like saving the coins up and then using them to play cool games.
Sarah Powell, Parent, Madison, AL
My boys used Stride during the summer last year. I made it part of their daily homework. They really looked forward to the games once they completed the lesson, especially the squirrel one. We will do Stride again this summer because it's an easy and interactive way for them to keep up their skills. We used to do workbook pages and they dreaded it, but they actually get excited about Stride.
Gwen Yarbrough, Parent, Madison, AL
Stride really helped my son not to regress during the summer. I hate the dreaded ‘summer slide.’ He was able to continue practicing the skills he needed, using technology, which he loves. If I give him worksheets he complains, but getting him to use computers is never a struggle. My child has always been an ‘A’ math student, but he started struggling some in 4th grade. He is now a 5th grader and his grade in math all year has been a ‘B.’ I am hopeful that using the summer program will help him fill in the gaps and be a stronger student next year when he starts 6th grade.
Shawnee Pierce, Parent and Teacher, McKenzie, AL
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